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Darkness is the World's normality...

They say that darkness is blackness; an insane void that is only conjured up by something soaked in evil. It is thought that only the insane, disturbed, and followers of Satan himself are enveloped in darkness... That's where we are wrong... Each and every one of us has darkness in us or around us, laying thick or trying to get in. Have you ever wondered about the sayings, "I'm battling my inner demons," or "I have skeletons in my closet..." or how about the saying, "I've got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other arguing." The demons we are battling, the hiding of the skeletons in the closet, and the small voices, or our "consciences", are all contributed by a spiritual warfare that has been going on inside of mankind since the beginning of time. You don't have to be a satanist to have darkness within you. Where do those thoughts come from? Why did you make her cry? Why did he steal that? Why is he always angry? Why is her addiction taking over her? Why are they so depressed? Why do they hate?... These questions are a reflection of what us "normal, non-evil" people go through every single day.

The Bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy... The devil goes about roaring like a lion and devouring anyone he can. You may think that you can recognize if the devil is attacking you. You may think that if the devil does attack, there would be obvious signs like, oh I don't know, little horned demons staring at you while you sleep, or you may get visions of the "possessed" ones from the horror movies that are so popular now these days. Those situations do happen in this world, but, I think they are a trap and I also think that the devil is smart enough to know better. So he will attack us with strongholds over our lives like: insecurities, negative thoughts, depression, overwhelming anger, lust, addictions, depending of everything but God, being in overwhelming dept, and of course, conforming to a world where God is constantly being pushed to the back burner.

No one is one. Everyone has a story, a past, skeletons in the closet and demons and strongholds over them... And it is sad... It's sad because all of these hurts and burdens that people go through every single day were paid for when Jesus died on the cross... It's sad to me that there are so many lost and hurting people in this world...people who have fallen victim to the darkness that tries so hard to cover us and live within in us.

But there is good news... The ever-joyful news that Jesus died on the cross for our sins is all around us, and if accepted...within us. God loved the world so much that He came to earth, endured our sin, and died for us on the cross so that we can live eternal life with Him in Heaven. The only way to break a pattern of darkness is to accept the light. Accept God, Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, and be free...

You may think that I'm probably just some christian fool that believes in something that is not visible or tangible. Let me tell you, yes I am a christian and yes I have Faith in God. But I am not some foolish person who has no experience in life and just goes around spouting things about something that I have no clue about.

I was born in a christian home, and went to church every Sunday. My parents truly loved the Lord and my father was a pastor. But, just like everyone else in this world, I fell away... Just by looking at me today: a strong believer in God and someone who is slow to anger, smiles a lot and loves everyone; you would never believe that I had demons that lurked around me and had skeletons in my closet. I gave in to the world and became a person I did not like. When I was younger, I loved God, but I didn't live a godly life. I was really depressed, always stressed out, always worried about things, was really anxious, hated myself, had many insecurities, disliked people, and only cared for this world. There came a time when pleasures of this world and depression were the only things that shrouded my heart. There came a time when suicide passed over my thoughts... You may think that those things are normal... But that's because, well, they are! Everyone suffers everyday and some more than others. Everyone hurts physically, mentally, and spiritually every single day.

I could go on about my childhood and broken experiences only this world has to offer, but that would be a book. But fast-forward time, and I will tell you that I am nothing like that today. I love God with all of my heart and I truly know that He has my back. If you accept God into your life and truly, truly believe, your life will change. You will change. He makes all things new. Isn't that exciting though? You will be new!

I was born in 1984 and will be 30 soon! And years ago I would have never thought that I'd be where I'm at now: loving God so much and wanting to do things for Him by His will, and not my own. Every morning when I wake up in the morning, I thank God for another day, because that's all we have, and I ask Him to lead me, and He always does. And I believe he has led me to write this blog post today!

I was blessed with a beautiful wife and son. I get to use my talents that God has blessed me with to bless other people. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in the fridge, and a little cash in the bank...and I owe it all to God. I thank God for it all!

Don't think that I am bragging, because I'm not...I'm informing. I haven't graduated college, there are soooo many things I don't know and don't know how to do, and I still have to work a part-time job along with illustrating a children's book series, and writing The Last Legend trilogy. But I will say that I'm believing and praying that God opens the doors...and so far, he has. Having the pleasure of illustrating a beautiful christian children's book series which was basically handed to me was all God. I published Book 1 of The Last Legend May 1st 2014...that was all God, who blessed me with a creative miracle. Doors are opening for prospective projects in illustrating, my house was basically given to me and my wife by my loving in-laws, and we manage to have every bill paid and dinner on the table every night...and it all comes from God. I can most definitely say that it is All God's doing! God is so good and has blessed me and my family so much!

I am in no way at all saying that I live a care-free life in a dark world, and that my life is perfect now. It's not! God works in me everyday, I learn everyday, and I go uphill everyday--struggling sometimes. I'm just saying that I now know that when darkness comes knocking, I have a living God on the inside who has my back, helping me get through everything this world has to offer. It is a struggle at first to whole-heartily trust in God and to NOT lean on your own understandings... But once you do learn and have a faith that is just as strong and alive as your very being on this can do anything. Through God, YOU, can do anything!

Begin learning to trust in God today and see what happens. Your darkness will be broken by a loving light...:)

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