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About Joshua


Joshua B. Wichterich is a writer and award-winning artist of Fine Art and Picture Book Illustrations.  He has a passion for sharing God’s love through the arts. Joshua is the creator of Art From The Soul, which is Prophetic Art led by the spirit to inspire, spark breakthrough and healing in Jesus' name.

Joshua is also an Illustrator and has created art for many lovable Children's Books.  Joshua continues to create art and illustrations for his clients. 

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Joshua prays that all will come to be inspired by our lord, Jesus Christ, through the talents God has gifted him with.


…Let Light shine out of darkness… 2 Corinthians 4:6


Personal Anecdote about Joshua's first book: Chronicles of The Last Legend, an award-winning fantasy trilogy.

Everyone has a story within them to tell...and there are so many ways to tell it...

Mine started when I was a teenager, having an obsession with Greek mythology and legends from the Medieval era. The Last Legend began with art work and a faint storyline...then grew into one incredible story. For 13 years, my story became stronger and grew in my head, just as I grew upon the earth. It wasn't until  2010 that I started writing The Last Legend. During those years I rededicated my life to Christ, and that's when my story turned into something more than just another became a testimony, my own poem and a beacon of hope. You see, the situations that my beloved characters go through in The Last Legend are inspired by broken experiences that we all go through everyday...but just with an epic twist. Just as I experienced the dark-side of our world, so do my characters in the story. It's ironic how over 13 years ago, my story inspired by poems dealing with many gods, is now inspired by our one and only true God. Over the years, my story had many names and main themes...but now its name and themes are complete...

The Last Legend: Awakened, is book one & Unto The End, is book two in the Epic-Fantasy Thriller!  The themes of everlasting love and light breaking the darkness are its roots.


When darkness becomes so thick upon your being that it is literally suffocating you--call out to God...

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