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        GET  THEM SEPARATELY                                                                                  ALL THREE BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE  AS AN EBOOK!


Book One

Awakened is book one in the Epic-Fantasy Thriller! Join Tairren, Lady Natalia, and Prince Phillip on an incredulous and heart-pounding adventure as they race against time through the wilds of Minslethrate to save a loved one.  They learn that if they are going to save their beloved friend, Princess Marrisa, they must become Awakened by light...     

ISBN-13: 978-1495305795

It was on Marrisa’s sixteenth birthday, her engagement to Prince Phillip and the day before her enthronement to the kingdom of Ishkar, when it happened. Chaos was unleashed by a silent follower of darkness—and all hell was loosened. When Marrisa is betrayed and abducted by someone she had always trusted, she is forced into the Forbidden Lands of Minslethrate and upon a plot that would shake thier world.

With the company of his very different comrades, the unconventional Lady Natalia and the arrogant Prince Phillip of Ishkar, Tairren travels across the uncertain lands of Minslethrate to rescue Marrisa. They begin to realize that their precarious situation is dealing with more than just a kidnapped princess—that’s just the beginning. They were caught in the middle of an ancient warfare between the enigmatic worlds of darkness and light. They learn that they were destined for their quest before they were even born. But they can’t do it alone. They must trust in the unseen God of Light and have faith in a legend that they don’t even understand. While their beloved princess awaits a terrifying fate, they must become awakened by light if they are to face their own dark quest…


Unto The End

Book Two


The adventure continues.  Follow Tairren, Natalia, and Phillip as they take on the dark lands of the south.  As Marrisa awaits her fait, the three comrades must obtain the legendary King Yehoshua's armor from the three ancient Minslethratian goddesses before it is too late.

ISBN-13: 978-1503167124

Where strange shadows lurked like monsters and goddesses ruled the land, there was a dark tower that held a fallen angel…  Awaiting the arrival of the blood-red moon, the eve of her demise, Marrisa remained concealed in the shadows of the Dark Tower.  Time seemed more precious than life itself, and knew when Marrisa’s doom would open the doors to a new reign of power…

Deep in the Forbidden Lands of Minslethrate, Tairren, Natalia, and Phillip trek across the treacherous wilderness of the south with their fellow companions of light, the Legna.  They find themselves involved in quests that revolve around a long lost legend.  In search for the ancient armor of the legendary King Yehoshua, the three adventurers are forced into the clutches of three goddesses:  Fiara, Haifen, and Dolsia.  To understand faith, righteousness, and truth, they must obtain the armor and fulfill their tasks in order to face the Dark Lord and his powers that grew before them.

Meanwhile, across the lands, upon the entry-way of the south, King Julpen and his men painstakingly search for Princess Marrisa, unaware of her fate.  They stumble upon a dark being, an ancient Nomed called King Baffmit.  King Julpen learns that there is something more terrifying at hand beyond his daughter’s disappearance, as his kingdom, their lives, and even their world begins to collapse upon the shadow of the Dark Lord.  As time becomes a threat, the prophecy of the blood-red moon falls upon Minslethrate, shrouding his people with somber hearts and opening a door to a world ruled by dark powers, blood-thirsty Nomed, and…war…

Having to stay vigilant and true, only followers of light who know The Last Legend, are strong enough to live Unto the End… 


The Final Chapter

Book Three


The end is near.  In the final hour, the spirit will shake.  The adventure continues into the final chapter!  Be with your beloved adventurers as they face Darkness...

ISBN-13: 978-1517159023

Darkness is coming. In a land that flourished with beauty and prestige, the powers and principalities of the Dark Lord was being conjured up. And the one who summoned the dark powers was Minslethrate’s very own beloved princess…Marrisa. Overwhelmed by the Prince of Darkness, Lucif, Marrisa declares her new title as the Grand-High Mistress, and begins to rule Minslethrate by forcing it into a cleansing…and upon her marking of supremacy…

Discouraged by the thought of Marrisa’s spiritual death, Tairren must race against time, being led by a mysterious woman, in order to make it to the Dark Tower before the kingdom becomes inundated by the new law of the dark beast. He finds that war is on the horizon of his kingdom, and that his companions, Natalia and Phillip, are stuck in the middle of it.

They learn that it isn’t just Minslethrate that is being impacted by Lucif, but the whole world is. Minslethrate’s brother-kingdom, Hanon, as well as other far off civilizations, begins to fall beneath the name of the Grand-High Mistress and her fiery wrath.

Every living being that has breath trembles as the clash of Light and Darkness becomes their reality. As a war of great magnitude grows upon the lands of the world, every living soul must cry out to the legendary King of Light…or eat from the fires of the Dark Lord, and from the hands of the beast: the Grand-High Mistress.

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