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Shine Bright

If God lives in your heart...shine bright like a diamond. Like the light that reflects off of the sea and the pale face of the moon--shine bright. Having God in your heart makes you shine bright, beautiful like the stars in the night sky. Sparkling hearts beating, so alive and happy like the sun that burnishes the edges of the grass blades and the glowing skin on your face. I'm alive. I chose to be happy. My heart beats with passion, full of zeal and ready to burst like the diamonds in the night sky. God makes them twinkle and burst--and I saw the life in them--like my heart, bursting with life. God covered my darkened shame. It was black like coal, and just as ugly. But God covered it with bright light--which then burned up all of it. It's like that darkness never happened. Now I'm alive again--and this time my heart doesn't just pump blood... That day on top of the hill of skulls, his blood flowed down to the earth--and the sun wasn't there to sparkle upon it. It didn't need to though, because light was already in it. And that light is in mine.

We're all beautiful in the eyes of God, like the stars we behold at night--or like the sun light that reflects off of calm waters, or the streams of yellow that pierces through the facets of diamonds. God is like that shooting star--bright amongst that black sky but mysterious and quick like all aspects of nature. So shine bright and let the whole world know that you hold truth in your heart--truth that has always been laced with burning light.

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