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My name is Joshua B. Wichterich and I am an award-winning artist, published children's book illustrator, self-published author, and prophetic artist.  I am the author of the epic fantasy trilogy, The Last Legend, and I am also the illustrator and designer of many children's books.  I have helped many authors in the publishing world.  I also design images to sell on awesome merchandise at

I have a passion for creating memorable art and stories, and sharing aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through them.

I am always working on something, whether it is my art collections, writing, or illustrations, I am always eager to share what God has in store for me, and you as the viewer/reader!  Here, you will see illustrations for fantastic children's books like: Award-winning, bestselling series Sharing Sisters' by Carissa Lovvorn, consisting of Seeds for Sharing, Lemons for Blessings, and Stitches for Kindness.  Also you'll find: It's Cool To Be Kind by Karen Franzese Pesce, Serious Fun: Ballet by Suzanne Roquemore Ennis & inspired by Leslie Sokol of DanceKidsFun, The Bell Tower Bible Adventures by Susanne & Cole Blumer, Amazing Me by Carolyn Krieger, Wi-Fi Kicked the Bucket by Kishmi Davis, Piper Periwinkle Spelling Bee Queen by Susanne & Annaliese Blumer, and even Eva from the silly series by N. J. McAllister! You will also get a quick peek at the newest children's book series I am working on:  Bella Boo! You will also find my art collections: The Red-Haired Girl and Art From The Soul, and much more!

Please feel free to look around.  You will also find my trilogy and where you can purchase it, see reviews, get a peek of my upcoming projects, and see the children's books I've illustrated, along with a few links that lead to the authors.  Books available on Amazon as well as other online retailers.

Don't forget!  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.  Please like, share, and subscribe! And remember, prints are available for select work! 

Contact Joshua for more information.

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Chronicles of The Last Legend

The whole trilogy

in one book!


The Last Legend trilogy


The Last Legend will bring you to a fanciful and visionary world where the spiritual warfare of light and darkness becomes alive and physical.  Awakened is book one in the series, followed by book two: Unto The End, and book three: ForeverThe Last Legend is a tale about an unlikely young peasant boy who is willing to face the powers of darkness to save his forbidden love: a princess whose disturbing past opens the doors to a very dark world...


The Last Legend is an epic-fantasy thriller with themes of everlasting love and light breaking through darkness.  Awakened begins the trilogy with Tairren, a peasant boy with a secret, and his two comrades, the unconventional Lady Natalia and the arrogant Prince Phillip who is betrothed to marry Tairren’s beloved Princess Marrisa, as they embark on a quest that will shake the  very core of their lives.  They continue their journey in Unto The End where they must obtain not only physical armor, but spiritual armor as well if they are to face the dark powers of Lucif, the Dark Lord.  Forever completes the trilogy with a powerful lineup of events.


Influenced by the messages of unconditional love and faith, The Last Legend is a reflection of real life, but just with an epic-twist.  Just as we face our demons every day as we walk upon the world, so do Tairren and his companions as they learn that becoming awakened by light is the only way to save their beloved princess in a very dark world.

Five Star Reviews for Awakened on Amazon!
Exceptionally Creative And Captivating!
"It's pure genius. Creative. Superb. It's a beautiful story that leaves you hooked. Can't wait to read the next one!"
Must Read!
"This book was awesome!! Full of adventure with a twist of creepy at the end. It kept me interested & wanted to keep reading! I can't wait for the next book!"
Awesome! All Glory Goes To God!
"Captivating! I love this book. I could not put it down."
Great Read!
"I just bought this book and I already finished it! I love the epic feel the story provides and am really excited for the rest of the trilogy to be available. I really wanna know what's gonna happen next!!!!"
Five Star Reviews for Unto The End on Amazon!
A Really Good Read!
"I could not put this book down, it was so well written and it helped me visualize everything really well. I could definitely see this being an epic movie. I loved each character and their individual situations. Overall, this book was awesome and very inspirational; it pulled me in from beginning to end and i CAN NOT WAIT for book three to come out!"
Left Me Wanting More!
"The author did it again, he left me wanting more. When I was finished I kept reaching for my book wanting to find a hidden chapter I missed. I don't want any spoiler alerts but Natalia's quest is my absolute favorite. I am left on the edge of my seat anticipating book three. I love that the author brings us closer to each character and not just the main four. Books are so much better when we see all angles and the insight of all the people involved. Can't wait for the final book in the series and hopefully more stories after that."
The Last Legend Art
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